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Illustrations are literature in their own right and, whether used by themselves or integrated with written texts, they sharpen the perception of children, stimulate their imagination and increase their sense of observation. The overall development of children can be aided by good illustrations. Illustrations can give children a sense of personal identity and an awareness of their cultural heritage. Events of long ago are made alive by vivid illustrations. Illustrations can also help to eliminate stereotypes and correct wrong cultural notions.

Kung Fu Panda

Illustrations can give children a sense of personal identity and ...

Just like kids themselves, children’s books are at the same time challenging and rewarding. This market is super-competitive, so you need to be at the top of the game to get noticed. This means awesome illustrations and a design to match.
The largest advantage of illustrated children’s books is the fact the artist will focus on specific points throughout the text to help the audience gain the most from the text. Even if a child is unable to read, they can still understand what is going on in the picture.
Fortunately a professional designer and illustrator are along with Koodakana Publication. They pay close attention to new points about work for children. They use modern devices for drawing, painting and designing.


You need to be at the top of the game ...

Nowadays digital age expand more than we suppose that in all over the word. Now even in Afghanistan almost for every child- urban area- the modern tech devices like, tablet, smart phone or laptop which is maybe sharing with their parents, is available. So almost all parents complain and worry for this matter. They say their children have become lazy and do not pay attention to their lessons and have presented their worried for their children eyes. So we think good designed and illustrated child book is effective for this situation.
On other hand in rural area majority of children are deprived of literacy. There are no enough educational materials for these children. So one of the best ways to promote skill reading and writing among children is, making attractive books for children.

Map Puzzle

Learning through game for children is one the ...

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Book Exhibition/May 2015

Book Exhibition/May 2015

This exhibition was held in KATED high school in Kabul, Afghanistan in May 20th and 21th May 2015.